Monday, February 15, 2010


Hello everyone! I know it's been awhile, but I don't have as much to tell these days. We did reach the three year mark. It's hard to believe the changes! We certainly look back at these times, and remember that first day. God has brought us S-O-O-O far!! We're thankful for the gifts He's given us--- a new awareness of how precious life is, and how wonderful it is to share it with someone special. We have the JOY of family times, the FUN of friendships,and the support -- given and received -- in the hard times.

We've made MANY new friends: in therapy, at the gym, and in the ministry (she doesn't know it, but I've adopted a grandma!). Our relationships have more meaning these days, too. We KNOW that things can change in the blink of an eye, so we try to be more AWARE of everything!

Terry and I are a much closer couple, too. We've weathered the worst(we hope) of the storm and come out stronger AND more aware of God's hand in our lives. There are so many things we might have missed or not even noticed. I PRAISE GOD that He's shown us so much more, and re-directed our lives in the past three years!

I pray that we will continue to try to follow His leading. I look forward to see the new opportunities He has for us! We keep you in our prayers. There are many battling illnesses or injuries, and many struggling financially. There are also those that are grieving. There are so many hurting, needy people out there. Pray that they will come to know Jesus and the salvation only He can bring!

I'll write again when I have more news. God bless you! Lynn

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Anonymous said...

Just a note to thank Terry for coming tonight,to Regency nursing facility; despite the deep snow ,to proclaim the kingdom of God, and our Lord Jesus Christ! Terry and wife are the most annointed ministers of all in my opinion, as they place a fire on each individual, and let them speak the word of God in a mighty chorus. There was a man who did not want to come tonight; tormented by noise, but still he heard Terry's testimony, and slowly wheeled his wheelchair near. Terry bring's the love of the God of Israel,of Jesus;to the hurting here, each with a tragedy, and where angels dwell between life and death ,with a gentle voice he calls the ones that see the great affliction he sufferred, but yet such peace within him! and they see the glow of the Lord in him like a candle in a dark room! God has surely called him, and he freely chooses to dwell within that Love, and uses his injuries; a miracle he is alive!!!!as a testimony ; that others may come, to that place he has found; beyond the desires of the soul, and mind, A place that dwells within us ; A perfect seed;and probes deep into others pain; he waters , and nutures that seed until it grows to become the Holy of Holies within our bodies earthly Temple; beyond the flesh; that see's the everlasting peace of the Messiah; Immanuel; God with us; God bless your ministry Terry!Robert